Friday, May 24, 2024


Imposter Syndrome?
I struggle with Imposter Syndrome, and I always think that with just a little more experience or a little more education or a little more something that it will go away. I remember when I was in grad school for my Literature degree, and I was talking to professors who were all doctoral degree holders, had published multiple papers, and were recognized in their field of expertise and nearly every single one of them felt imposter syndrome. Especially the women. 

When I think logically about what I know and what I've accomplished and who I am, then I know that in certain areas I am an expert. I am not an imposter. I do have the right and have earned the right to be an expert in those things. And I also know that being an expert doesn't mean we stop learning or adjusting our thoughts based on new research and new evidence. 

I recently had some people I thought were my friends attempt to shake my confidence. They're still attempting through some pretty immature and childish methods. But this is the thing...they are the kind of people who do not have imposter syndrome at all. And I'll get to why that's an issue as much as those who deal with imposter syndrome all the time.

People who struggle with imposter syndrome are always questioning their expertise and if they should feel confident in their knowledge or experience. This is because they have the knowledge to know their limitations. These people are quietly sharing knowledge, and when they do share people should listen and learn. 

Those that feel as though they are experts on everything and speak as though they are I have found are the ones that know the least. The ones yelling the loudest about how smart they are or how much they know usually should be the ones to sit down and listen to try to learn. If you never question your expertise on anything or reevaluate your knowledge compared to new research or methods then you're stagnant. And you're not an expert. 

If you have wrong information, and when confronted with that wrong information you staunchly deny that you could possibly be wrong...YIKES. 

So yes, I do have imposter syndrome...about a lot of things that I probably shouldn't. But that's better than the alternative. 

**this blog is speaking in generalities and does not take into account individual personalities or nuance..please be offended if you want, but complain about it elsewhere**


Tuesday, May 21, 2024



We always try to choose a family show that we watch with my twelve year old step kiddo, and Young Sheldon was the most recent show that we completed as a family. 

It is rated TV-PG, and it is incredibly wholesome but does have mentions of sex as well as drinking. 

Personally, I loved this show and looked forward to the times we would watch it as a family. We laughed a lot, and in the final episodes I cried for a large part of it. For fans of the Big Bang Theory this is a must watch. And even if you haven't seen Sheldon in action as an adult, this show is still a good viewing. 

The casting was spot on, and I loved seeing a glimpse into the characters other than Sheldon. Georgie is a fan favorite, and it's easy to see why. He's funny, adorable, and an all around good kid who grows into an even better adult. This show is a reminder to appreciate those in your family and a nod to what's really important. Hint: it's not status and money. 

I 10/10 recommend this show. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024


Dozen Egg Frittata
Ingredient List
  • one dozen eggs
  • two cups spinach
  • half cup heavy cream
  • diced cooked ham
  • salt and pepper 
  • half a cup of Colby jack cheese - finely shredded
Mix everything together in a bowl then pour it in the pie pan. 

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 ish minutes until it's finished.