Thursday, May 26, 2022


Unless you've been living under an absolute rock you know that there is obviously a huge attack on the rights of uterus owners.

 I don't know how to resolve the issue when so many in government seem intent on passing whatever laws they want and not what is best for the people who elected them. I'm just one woman living in Southern Arizona fighting to make my voice heard. 

I have contacted every representative and told them my thoughts. I have written emails and sent the postcards and shared online. I am donating money this month to T.A.S.C. which is a local abortion support collective local to me that focuses on helping individuals who face extra barriers to seeking and obtaining abortion care. 

This is one of the tees I made so you can share your discontent publicly. They're in my shop. The link is at the top of the page. The more I sell the more I can donate. Which is super cool. There are a few more tees too. They're pretty cool too. 

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