Tuesday, May 24, 2022

 Being a stepparent is difficult. 

I would not have thought that before I did it. Now M and I aren't married as neither of us has any interest in that. But we are committed and as such I'm basically a stepmom to A.

And it's harder than I anticipated. 

It's hard in several ways. 

It's hard because I love her dearly, and I know that if M and I were to break up that I would be upset about not being able to see her anymore. Although I don't anticipate a break up, it's always possible and this is an aspect that would make an already difficult situation even harder. 

It's hard sometimes because there may be some parenting decisions I would make differently and those are not mine to make. This may be more difficult in different situations than mine as M and I have similar parenting philosophies. 

It's hard because I never ever want her mom to feel like I am overstepping. Her mom is amazing, and I consider her my friend. We are fortunate for the relationship we get to have since we are all brought together by this one awesome kid. But I am hyperaware of this as I have not been given the same consideration from J's stepmom. 

But the pros outweigh the bad, and I am enjoying this different aspect of parenting. 

Are you a stepparent? How is it?


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