Monday, June 20, 2022

As everyone knows I hate online bullies. Especially people with a large following who send their followers after others. I was bullied out of my very first very successful blog that way simply because I disagreed with a large blogger. 

The other day I was scrolling on tiktok, and I saw a person who has a large following making fun of beginner horse owners. This is not the first time this person has made fun of people or even specifically called out a person on their social media. And I just find it gross. 

What makes it even grosser is that this person talks about being kind and not bullying people and being nice...but yet there are multiple occasions where they are not living what they're preaching. Now to be perfectly clear I don't care if someone is an asshole on the internet. I'm often an asshole on the internet. 

But it's important to know the difference between punching up and punching down. When I'm an asshole online to people it's towards people who are coming to my page to degrade me, or it's to misogynists or racists or homophobes or transphobes. I'm punching up. When you are a successful person in your sport you are punching down when you make fun of beginners, and that's not cool. 

The horse world is hard enough without people being dicks about things. Take the time to educate rather than just make fun of someone who may simply not know. 

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