Monday, June 13, 2022


The other night on instagram a forced birther post came across my feed because they decided to use the hashtag feminist. Obviously, I do not follow any of those crazy people. And because I am a glutton for punishment I read some of the comments. 

The post was asking what you wouldn't say at a baby shower. And let me just point out that it would be absurd to not be congratulatory at a baby shower since that person has obviously made the choice to have the baby and wants it. 

Anyway, because I'm sometimes a dick to people online I started a conversation with a few folks. One came at me with "libtard" which let's be honest is such a lazy insult. It's also incredibly ableist, which I pointed out to said individual. However, one person attempted to have a legitimate conversation with me and "save my soul" (their words, not mine). 

This person and I went back and forth with them saying that the fetus deserved more rights than the uterus owner. He went on to say that if "women don't want to get pregnant they need to be abstinent" at which point I assumed this person had never had good sex in their life. I asked about instances of rape or sexual assault or incest, and this person had the audacity to say that the baby in question would be a gift from God and that an abortion would be more traumatizing than the assault. 

I ended the conversation at that point because clearly they're deranged. Plus I am a rape survivor and have had an abortion. I can tell you with absolute total certainty that the rape was far more traumatic than the abortion. And I am not going to listen to a man who has never been pregnant, had an abortion, or survived sexual assault inform me of how people who have experienced those things feel. 

Which brings us to the whole problem is that the majority of old white men making these laws have never experienced any of those things and do not represent us. 

Anyway, I'm 100% pro-choice. And you get a cute tee indicating that in my store. The link is at the top of the page. 

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