Tuesday, July 26, 2022

I am going to begin this with a disclaimer because I know how people on the internet are, and eventually someone will say, "oh well Rhonda only said nice things because she was working with the author." 

So here is my disclaimer: I am in a partnership with Piper CJ to create merch for her folk lore channel (check it out here) as well as her novels. This is a mutually beneficial financial partnership. I did enter into this partnership without any knowledge of any drama that surrounded her or the novel, but to be completely honest I think the drama that I have seen is a bunch of bullshit and people need to find a hobby. 

I first found this novel after finding Piper's folk lore tiktok and really loving it. I had considered a masters in either mythology or folk lore instead of my literature degree, so I really enjoyed being taught about these things by someone who had taken that path. When I found out that she had written a book, I immediately ordered it. 

I did read the first edition which is the self-published edition, so yes there are grammatical errors, typos, some words that should have been removed, and just in general should have been proof read a little more. Piper has acknowledged these things as well. My only real criticism is the adjective usage which should have been a little more varied. It sort of felt like a word would come up and then be used to describe everything for a chapter or so then it would switch to a different word. 

I do think that those errors will be resolved in the revised edition as well as in the future editions of the rest of the series. And those things are not a criticism of Piper because in many indie novels that I have read the same issues come up. It's simply financial. Editing and proofreading is expensive, so indie authors rely on themselves or their family and friends. 

I loved the actual story. I like that there are multiple main characters and the near misses in the story. I'm excited to see where the story goes, and I really want to learn more about Gadriel. I liked the characters. I was surprised by Nox's power. I have not read a ton of fantasy novels involving a succubus. I also wonder if the orphanage will come back up and if the Gray Matron knew about Nox's power. I think that Piper's background in folk lore is especially helpful in getting some of these facts correct, then spinning them into her own story. 

I am excited to read the rest of the novels, and I am super excited to bring some great new designs based on this story to y'all. 

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