Tuesday, July 19, 2022


She looked up at them on the top of the ferris wheel holding her breath as her daughter leaned over the side to wave. 

She wished she could join them on the ride but her intense fear of heights made that quite impossible. The fear was so intense that climbing on a stepladder was definitely off the list of things she would do. 

She smiled and waved back vigorously. 

Despite her agonizing fear of heights, the fair was one of her favorite places. The lights. The too loud music coming from every ride. The smell of the foods intermingling in the summer air. 

You might ask why she liked the fair so much if she couldn't ride the rides?

Ah, but you see...she does ride the rides. Just not the slow ones. Being tossed in the air at a high rate of speed might make her squeeze her eyes shut and grip the handle so tightly her hands hurt but she loved that sensation. The controlled fear. The knowing that although she was frightened, she was most likely safe. And that small chance that she might not be...well that just made it all the more thrilling. 


That picture is from when my family went to the Pima County Fair this year, and that is a true story about my feelings about the fair. And heights. I'm definitely afraid. This is the style I'd like to start writing this blog in as a sort of writing exercise since I am working on my first novel. 

Actually that's a lie. 

This is about my 100th novel. That I've started anyway. I've just never finished one. So yes, I'm sharing it with the world (at least the 10 of you that read this thing) that I am starting and finishing this book. I hope y'all stick around. Make sure to join the discord if you would like to be an alpha or beta reader! 

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