Love is....Friendship set on fire.

Monday, July 11, 2022


I was FaceTiming with my mom the other day, and we were talking about relationships. She expressed that she saw something different in my current relationship that she never saw in previous ones. 

She said, "It looks like you and M are not only together romantically, but you're also best friends. You talk about him like he's not just your boyfriend, but he's more." 

And I've been thinking about those words.

I always used to say, "love is friendship set on fire". 

But I never lived it.  When I think back on the serious relationships I had they were either not friendly at all and downright toxic or one was me trying to force myself to love someone I only thought of as a friend. Long story short, this is the first healthy relationship I've ever had. 

My favorite book trope is enemies to lovers, but I don't think that works in real life....I've tried it enough times. I'm thinking in real life it needs to be lovers to friends & lovers. I'm not sure how entertaining it would be to the masses, but it definitely worked for me. 

And this time I'm not just projecting an image to the world. This is the raw and real actual truth. No hiding. 

What do you think love is?

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