Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Continuing The Ride: Rebuilding Confidence from the Ground Up: McDonald,  Crissi: 9781732825833: Books

I always try to be reading at least one non-fiction book at a time in a topic that interests me. Lately I've been wanting to increase my confidence specifically with riding my horses. 

This book follows the story of the author after she had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) from her horse flipping on her. She tells us her background with horses and the steps she followed to getting back on another horse after her injury. 

I liked this book, and I think it's important to remember that she is talking about this from her personal perspective while also quoting experts that she found helped her on her way. I got a little frustrated thinking well I lost my confidence from no horse wreck at all. But she also talks about compounded trauma, which I asked my therapist about and is something we are going to work through. 

The book is her first book as an author, and there is a lot more telling rather than showing. But it's also a non-fiction and not written as a literary non-fiction. I think it could have been stronger by her showing us these stories rather than reciting them, but the overall point was there. 

I think this book could be helpful to anyone struggling with confidence issues, but specifically at people who have had a horse wreck which is causing them to feel less confident. 

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