Book Talk Tuesday: The Great Gatsy

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

 This is a classic book that I love. And yes I realize the issues in it of classism and the lack of diverse characters. I also understand that time period that it was written. We honestly have to take those things into account. Is it right? Absolutely not. But was it a part of US History? Absolutely. And there are many themes in this book that make it worthwhile. 

I loved teaching this book because for one: it's short. I could actually get kids to read it. And they liked discussing the characters. The characters, although not all likable, were interesting. I would argue that unlikable characters are more fun to discuss in a classroom setting as well. 

I really like the unhinged theories surrounding the book like Nick was in love with Gatsby and those were always super fun to talk about with a class full of juniors and allowed me to bring in some historical context as well. 

I usually re-read this book every single fall, and I'm wondering if anyone wants to do a re-read with me and then a live movie viewing together! Join my discord for more information on that! Or follow me on social media. All the links are at the top of this page. :) 

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