Nesta Archeron Stair Challenge

Thursday, August 25, 2022

 I have talked about this on my social media...are you following me yet? 

But I am participating in the Nesta Archeron Stair Challenge. I started and did day one before life and obligations and health got in the way of doing day two, but that's okay because this challenge can take you as long as you want. 

So what is the Nesta Archeron Stair Challenge?

Backstory (spoilers for A Court of Silver Flames)

As we know in previous books, Nesta has been turned into fae after being tossed into the cauldron. She has big powers, but she doesn't know how to use them or even what they are. She was working with Amren to learn how to control her powers, but we start off ACOSF with the two of them not even talking. 

Nesta is essentially dealing with, or rather not dealing with, her trauma by drinking, doing drugs (I think it's implied), and having meaningless sex with random men. Feyre is worried about her, and so they do an intervention. They withdraw all financial support and move her into The House of Wind. They tell her that she can return to her unhealthy method of coping anytime she wants. 

But only if it were so easy....she would have to walk down the 10,000 steps to the city to get out of the magical House of Wind. 

And so that is the Nesta Archeron Stair Challenge. To do 10K steps in a single session. I did my first session and got to 310. All in all not bad for not feeling great and being absolutely terrified of the stair machine at the gym! 

I also had a lot of emotions during it. Potentially because it was the first day of my period or potentially because I thought of Nesta and her feelings and her trauma and my trauma. Honestly I think this challenge will be great for mind and body. 

I'd love if you joined me by tagging me on whatever platform you're chronicling this journey (I'm @therhondamarie on all platforms!) or join my discord where we have a channel dedicated to encouraging one another on this journey. I can't wait to see if you take the challenge! 

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