Monday, January 16, 2023


One thing that I get asked quite often is how I can manage so many different things that I do, and the answer is that I plan things pretty carefully for the most part. I find that when I have things planned out and get detailed in the planning that I accomplish more and am able to get ahead in tasks. 

When I start to plan, I do not start at the beginning as one would automatically assume. When planning to achieve goals, I start with the end goal and then I plan backwards to set up checkpoints and what I need to do daily to achieve this ultimate goal. 

I use the SMART goal format for setting up the ultimate end goal, and then I do a smaller SMART goal format for setting up the checkpoints. Then I set up my daily progress. Along the way at each checkpoint I evaluate what I need to modify for each step. Sometimes I'm further along and sometimes I'm not far enough along. Then I adjust as necessary. 

I find that this is the most effective way to help me achieve my goals. 

How do you plan your goals for the year?

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