Wednesday, January 18, 2023


I started this book awhile ago at the advice of my partner. I have a master's in Intelligence Studies with an Emphasis on Terrorism, and this book is written by a former government official in the field. Richard A. Clarke has held so many positions within the IC (Intelligence Community) including serving on committees specifically dedicated towards defending our country from foreign and domestic terrorist threats.

The book was incredible if you have an interest in this field. Although I do have background knowledge in the field I do not think that one would have to hold an advanced degree to understand the threats to national security that are exposed on a daily basis through these committees and task forces of individuals in the IC. 

I would give this book five stars. 

Clarke does a good job of explaining really intricate details that may be difficult to understand in a way that anyone could understand the jobs that he has been in and the situations he has seen. He does not overly use jargon that would make readability and understanding difficult. 

If the topic of national security and defense is a topic that you enjoy learning about then I would definitely recommend this read for you. 

I happen to enjoy non-fiction and with my background I do enjoy reading about the experiences of others in this field. 

Happy reading friends! 

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