Sunday, May 5, 2024


I've been writing a lot lately, much of it incoherent ramblings that I assume will eventually make sense. 
The meNoir is coming together nicely, and once I learned to stop censoring myself so I didn't offend anyone it is so cathartic. I'm not sure if anyone really wants to read a meNoir of someone they have never really heard of. But I'm writing this for me, and it's so helpful for me as I work through my feelings. 
My fiction novel is the one I really worry about. I can see these characters so vividly in my mind; it's like they're real. I worry that I won't do them justice. I feel obligated to them and to tell their story in a way that makes others care as deeply as I do about them. 
Anyway, I hope y'all follow along here and on my socials (click here) so you can know when these books are coming out! I am super excited about them, and I'm excited to share my writing journey. Excerpts coming on this very blog soon ish! 


  1. Personally, I can’t wait to read it!! Even journaling for me is difficult but all my characters are so vivid and chatty that I have no problem with them so I get it.

    1. Yes! I feel like these characters have taken over!