Friday, November 17, 2023

Folklore Friday


I wanted to start a new series on the blog to coincide with my upcoming doctoral things. I'm narrowing down my dissertation interests, and one of them that I have narrowed in on is folklore, specifically narrative folklore and how it relates to modern media. Soooo, I thought wouldn't it be fun to do a Folklore Friday series on the blog? 

Let me preface that I am solely focusing on Folklore as a genre as defined in Literature. This would be that folklore encompasses legends, myths, fairy tales, tall tales, and fables. I am also subscribing to the personal narrative as a modern form of folklore, so that would include things like this blog, vlogs, and whatever else is a personal narrative. 

I will be respectful to the origins of these stories, and I will provide links at the bottom of all blogs that reference specific things, but I will not be citing within the text as I don't want to make it overly academic. I want it to be accessible and fun as we all learn more about these topics. 

If you have any ideas of folklore you want me to research and explore please hit me up on my social media! You can find all my links by clicking here.

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