Friday, November 10, 2023

What is a blog anyway?


Anyone who's known me for awhile knows that I've had several blogs, and I always get frustrated because none of them compare to the success that my very first blog had before I nearly got bullied off the internet (story for another day). But I realized I was just putting too much pressure on myself...

making posting schedules and trying to "niche" down...seriously I'm so so sick of having to niche everything down. And that's a rant for another day, but then I was like "'s YOUR blog. You can just write whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want, and the people who like it will read it and the rest can go fuck themselves." 

Now I do still have Road to Rodeo with Rhonda Hartman which will only be horse, barrel racing, and rodeo stuff. That will stayed niched because I want to have it as a sort of chronicle to look back on and see how far I've come. 

Anyway, on this blog I'm going to talk about a little bit of this and a smattering of that. I can tell you it will mostly be books, music, movies, tv...all the pop culture shit that I love. Mental health because that shit permeates through every aspect of my life and we might as well talk about it, right? 

Everything will be separated by labels, so if you only want to read about specific topics then feel free. But I'm going to be using this space to write about whatever strikes me, and I encourage you to start using your spaces on the internet to do that as well. 

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  1. I wish more people would stop niching down! it's nice to see a whole life instead of just specific things all the time.