Monday, December 4, 2023

In which I lived across the street from a serial killer

 Okay, so as I write out these stories of things I've weirdly experienced in my life I find that they're not really that exciting beyond the initial shock value of them. 

TW: serial murder, SA, robbery, arson

So far, we've learned about how I found a dead body, was in two drug raids/busts, and today I'm talking about living across the street from a serial killer. 

Growing up I lived for 2.5 ish years on a street where there were about 5 or 6 houses and we all knew one another. In four of the houses there were all kids in the same age range, so we all played together and hung out basically all of the time. I'm still friends with two of these women. 

I'm not going to use any of their names, but I am going to link an article about the serial killer at the bottom of this blog if you want to read it. 

I remember hanging out at my friend's house all the time. They had an in ground swimming pool with a slide, so of course all the neighborhood kids would go over there and swim. Her mom started dating this man and eventually he moved in. I honestly remember him being super nice. I don't think I ever heard him yell or get angry a single time. 

This man would play with the kids in the pool, play tag, whatever we asked. And then at night he would go to "work" which meant he raped, robbed, and killed elderly people. The first confirmed time was in 1991 which is when we still lived across the street from him. Then after the first federal drug raid we moved since my stepfather went to federal prison. 

Then the killings seemed to ramp up. 

He worked as a handyman which gave him access to their home, then he would later come back and commit these heinous crimes. He was sentenced to death, but he was killed in a prison riot before the sentence could be carried out. 

I did not know him much more than the boyfriend of a friend's mom who was around when we were at their home. But from what I remember he wasn't someone I would have immediately assumed "that guy is a psycho killer". 

I do think about the families of the victims and how awful these crimes were. I also think about the fact that he was arrested a few times in different jurisdictions, but because of a lack of interagency cooperation and intel sharing it took him committing multiple homicides before he was caught. It's one of the things I wrote about extensively in both my Law & Criminology degree and my Intel Studies degree. 

Maybe this case was the opening for my interest in that particular topic. But that's my story of my encounter with a serial killer. 

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