Friday, December 1, 2023

Folklore Friday: Florida Folklore Locations


In Florida, there are multiple locations with varying reputations of hauntedness or just overall weird vibes. These are super fun places to visit and see what the attraction to them is all about. 

All of these places center around Urban Legends, which as you remember from the introduction to Folklore Friday posts is a type of modern folklore where stories circulate as true and the basis is that a "friend of a friend" experienced this. 

I'm going to share a few of my favorites here! And if you're ever way down South in the swamps, you should definitely check them out!

The Devil's Chair

In the psychic capital of the world, Cassadaga, there is a Devil's Chair. This is a brick bench that legend claims was built by the devil himself. The spectacular thing is that if you leave a can of unopened beer on the bench and return in the morning it will be completely empty without being opened! Because the devil loves themselves a good canned beer. 

Captain Tony's Saloon
(formerly Sloppy Joe's)

In Key West, there is a bar built around a tree! Over the years this building has been many things including a cigar making factory, a telegraph station...and a morgue. Rumor has it that the morgue was built around the tree where pirates were often hanged. It's also rumored to be built on top of a pond of holy water. In the 1980's when the floor was replaced workers found over a dozen skeletons beneath the floor. If you visit here be sure to listen for ghostly voices, and watch for doors opening and closing and locking on their own.

Sunshine Skyway Ghost

This is a bridge that terrifies me! I'm scared of bridges that go over water anyway, but this one is extra tall and extra scary as it's fallen once and over 300 people have jumped to their death on this bridge. Some people claim to have seen a blonde woman on the bridge, and when they pick up this ghostly hitchhiker she begins to cry as the car approaches the highest point of the bridge then disappears.

The Fairchild Oak

Besides being just an absolute wonder of nature, this huge oak tree which is decorated with Spanish Moss is rumored to be the site of two completed suicides. People say when you stand under the grand lush oak you feel an intense sadness, almost as though the spirits of the ghosts are plaguing the area. Some also say you can see their apparitions on the right time and on the right night.

I hope y'all enjoyed this week's Folklore Friday! Remember to follow along on social media and on the blog so you don't miss a thing! 

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