Monday, November 27, 2023

Not one, but TWO federal raids in my lifetime


It's weird that a person would experience one federal raid in their life, right? 

I mean, unless that person were a federal law enforcement officer, which I am not and never have been. 

Yet, I've been in two federal drug raids. And I'm going to tell y'all all about them. 


The first one was when I had just turned 11. I was sleeping. It was like 0300 on some random weekday because that's like a super good time to raid drug dealers homes since they're probably asleep. The element of surprise is not just something they aim for in movies and procedural crime dramas (which I loooove). 

Also let me just tell you that I am so glad the first raid happened because I was about to eliminate my stepfather myself (more on that in another blog) if you know what I mean. 

It seemed like there was about eleventy billion officers in tactical gear that entered our house at once telling everyone to not move while putting my stepfather in handcuffs. An officer stayed with me in my room. She was super nice, although I think she misunderstood my questions when I asked who they were there for and thought I was sad that he was going. I was not. 

Then I just went back to sleep, got up a few hours later, then went to school for a day of fun fifth grade learning. 


Equally not as exciting really, but when I was 18 I worked at a bar in Ybor City, Florida. They got raided for selling drugs in the bar. 

After just looking this one up it was only state and local agencies that did the raid. 

Essentially we were just working and they came in to execute the warrant. We all had to sit outside and give statements and have our stuff searched. It was super uneventful for those of us not selling drugs in the club. 

It's just weird that I've been in TWO drug raids in my lifetime. Side note: I have done tons of drugs, but never been arrested for them. And it's all been pure circumstantial luck that it never happened. Stay tuned for more stories about that. 

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