Friday, December 8, 2023

Folklore Friday: Walt Disney

If you have lived in Florida, then you've likely heard at some point that either the whole body or the head of Walt Disney had been cryogenically frozen. The story also has gone viral on the internet a time or two. 

Spoiler alert: it has not. 

But this conspiracy theory (legend) has been in circulation since shortly after his death in 1966. The rumor was that in December of 2021 he would be thawed and brought back to life. 

There have been claims that the body was under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disney World. Sorry to say that this imagineer was cremated and laid to rest at a cemetery.

This story falls under the umbrella of folklore as a legend. A legend is a story that is regarded as historically true but is unauthenticated. These stories often use real figures as a part of their tale.  

 Walt Disney - Wikipedia

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